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Drop Off Activities

  • Drop Off Activities List

Memory Verse Games and Activities

  • Memory Verse Games and Activities List
  • Memory Verse Puppet Template - #5
  • Memory Verse Puzzle Templates - #11
  • Memory Verse Road Template - #12
  • "Stop" and "Go" Sign Templates - #22

Snack Forms

Activity Pages

  • Activity Page Ideas
  • Activity Page Examples

Review Games

  • #1 - Complete the Puzzle
  • #2 - The Smart Monkey
  • #3 - Bean Bag Toss
  • #4 - Hula Hoop Ring Toss Game
  • #5 - Punch a Cup
  • #6 - New Testament Bible Bingo
  • #7 - Catch an Animal Bean Bag Toss
  • #8 - Knock the Tower Down
  • #9 - Hidden Questions
  • #10 - Snow Flurry
  • #11 - Bible Character Match
  • #12 - Ping Pong Toss

Simple Crafts

  • Simple Crafts Intro
  • Fruit of the Spirit Craft
  • Growing in God Pop Up Flower
  • Miraculous Catch of Fish Craft
  • God Knows Me Craft
  • "Abide in Me" Grape Vine Craft

End of Lesson Games

  • End of Lesson Games List

Binder Extras

Instant Lessons

The instant lessons are, literally, instant lessons - everything you need to teach a class at a moment's notice. These lessons should be placed in a separate binder and kept accessible at church or this page bookmarked for easy access - because, you know, that moment when the teacher's own kid starts puking at home 30 minutes before church is supposed to begin and, of course, she has the binder and curriculum at home with her and can't get it to church. You know what I'm talking about. These instant lessons will get you or any substitute teacher through at a moment's notice. Go ahead and breathe a sigh of relief. You've got this.

  • Instant Lesson One - God Created the World
  • Instant Lesson Two - God Saves Noah
  • Instant Lesson Three - God Saves David
  • Instant Lesson Four - God Saves Daniel
  • Instant Lesson Five - God Saves Us!
  • Instant Lesson Six - We Can Get to Know God


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