Looking for a way to talk to your kids about Halloween?

A Sweet Opportunity: Seeing the Gospel in Halloween will help!

Maybe you love Halloween. Maybe you hate it.

Whether you love celebrating Halloween with your kids or you wish it would just go away, there's one truth we must all face: You are not going to be able to ignore Halloween this year.

Like it or not, your kids will be exposed to Halloween everywhere. 

Instead of ignoring Halloween, use it to talk to your kids about Bible truths!

A Sweet Opportunity will guide you as you show your kids how 6 different aspects of Halloween relate to the Gospel:

  • God can satisfy our heart longings. We don't have to spend our lives "trick-or-treating", always looking for something else that will satisfy. 
  • God sees our hearts. We cannot hide from Him by putting on a costume and trying to appear as something that we aren't. 
  • Jesus Christ came to bring light to a world that was filled with darkness.
  • Because of Jesus' death for us on the cross, we no longer have to live in fear.
  • God has overcome evil.
  • Jesus Christ has taken away the sting of death.


1. Print the Digital Bible Study

2. Read the Bible passages and answer the questions as a family

3. Use the prayer prompts to have a brief time of prayer with your kids after each reading

A Sweet Opportunity Bible Study will help you:

Challenge your kids

to think a little deeper about Halloween and the meaning of the Gospel.

Have opportunities

to explain to your kids why you have chosen to approach Halloween the way you do

Share Bible Truths

with your kids in a culturally relevant way that they can understand

Reassure your kids

that God is in control and has overcome fear, evil, darkness, and death


Whether your family chooses to celebrate Halloween or not, one thing is for sure: you can't ignore it! This fantastic Halloween study allows parents to discuss some really important issues in a way even younger children can understand. With topics including finding your happiness in God, hiding from God and fear, this is one study that is much needed for Christian families today--especially during this spooky time of year! I would absolutely recommend this study for any family with children in elementary or middle school who are ready to dive into the bigger issues surrounding what it means to be a Christian in today's culture.  

Brittany Ann blogger at Equipping Godly Women

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Don't wait another day.

Use A Sweet Opportunity: Seeing the Gospel in Halloween to start talking to your kids about Halloween today!