September 16


Counter Culture

By Anna Lowell

September 16, 2015

I am a busy homeschool mom. I attend church faithfully on Sundays. Although I listen to talk radio occasionally, I have created a life for myself in which I am, for the most part, isolated from the world around me. I have surrounded myself with a “Christian culture” and I am not actively engaging with the “Non-Christian” culture.

Counter Culture fea

I don’t spend that much time thinking about how to defend the sanctity of marriage while also reaching out in love and kindness to my homosexual neighbors so that I might share God’s amazing plan of salvation with them.

The plight of impoverished brothers and sisters around the world who have a hard time feeding their children, much less affording adequate shelter or education, seldom enters my thoughts as I decide how to use my finances and which purchases I will make.

I prefer not to think about young girls around the world who are being kidnapped or sold into sex slavery and the very real hell that they endure every night.

It is easy for me to condemn “illegal immigration” without really considering the people that are involved and how God might want me to extend His love and kindness to the sojourner that resides among us.

It is so much more comfortable for me to bury my head in my comfortable middle-class American home and pretend that these realities do not exist.

But, God has not called me, or you, as Christians, to bury our heads. He has called us to stand up and make a difference. He has called us to counter our culture. God has called us to stand against our culture and be counter cultural when our culture is wrong. God has called us to follow Him in loving the oppressed while standing firm in our obedience to His laws.

David Platt’s book, A Compassionate Call to Counter Culture, is not an easy book to read. Parts of it will tear at your heart or make you sick. It is essential for us as Christians, however, to be aware of what is going on around us and to be ready to do our part to make a difference in the world regardless of what it might cost us.

Counter Culture deals with topics including why the gospel is counter-cultural, and how Christians should respond to world poverty, abortion, orphans and widows, sex slavery, sanctity of marriage, sexual immorality, racism, religious freedom, and missions. At the end of each chapter, David Platt encourages readers to get involved by praying for people around the world, taking practical steps of action, and telling other people around us how the gospel applies to the social/moral issues that we are facing.

While this book deals with many different topics and could seem overwhelming, David Platt encourages readers to focus on one or two areas that God lays on their hearts in which to make a difference. This book is both convicting and encouraging.

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