Let's face it: kids often have a hard time paying attention to a sermon geared for adults.

How can parents and churches make these young children not only feel welcome in the adult service, but also keep them quietly entertained and even encourage them to participate?

The answer is simple - Sermon Notes Printables!

Narrow Gate Prints offers 7 different sets of Sermon Notes, each with ten unique pages (printed front and back) so that your kids won't get bored doing the same page over and over again.

My FIRST Sermon Notes

Specifically designed for non readers and early readers, My First Sermon Notes printables focus on drawing and coloring activities. Each page can be printed double sided.

My Sermon Notes

Designed with engaging layouts and illustrated with kids and animals having fun, the "My Sermon Notes for Kids" is the perfect starter set of Sermon Notes for kids who are able to read and write. Each page can be printed double sided.

Animals Sermon Notes

Featuring animals from the jungle, the forest, the wetlands, Africa, the zoo, and even the arctic, these Sermon Notes pages are sure to please your animal loving kids. Each page can be printed double sided.

Transportation Sermon Notes

The Transportation Sermon Notes feature images of cars, trucks, tractors, and airplanes - perfect for your "on the go" kids. Each page can be printed double sided.

Doodle Sermon Notes

If you are looking for sermon notes pages for older kids, tweens, teens, or even yourself, these sermon notes are what you need. They can be printed double sided, then folded down the middle to make four "pages" worth of writing space, with reflection questions and room for prayer requests.

Birds and Flowers Sermon Notes

Following a similar format to the "Doodle Sermon Notes", these sermon notes pages feature adorable song birds, fun flowers, and funky coffee cups and food. Each page can be printed double sided and folded in half.

Outdoor Adventures Sermon Notes

Featuring camping, sports, music, and school themes, these sermon notes are perfect for the outdoor adventurer. Each page can be printed double sided and folded in half.

These Sermon Notes can be copied and placed inside a Bible pocket or kept in a "church bag" for family use.

They can also be handed to visiting families with little boxes of crayons as they enter the auditorium, kept in a basket with pencils and clipboards at the church welcome center, or even handed out to kids at the end of the Sunday School program before they enter the adult service.

As a church, when you hand parents these Sermon Notes pages, you are telling them, "Your kids are welcome here. We understand that it's difficult to keep your kids quietly entertained. We want to come alongside you and help you as you teach your kids God's Word."

And you are telling the children, "You are welcome here in our church! We care about you, no matter your size!"