Let's face it: Sometimes kids have a hard time paying attention to a sermon geared towards adults.

Moms and dads know this - yet illness, separation anxiety, or visiting a new church can force parents to keep their little ones in the adult service with them. How can you lovingly welcome these little children into your service while also helping parents keep them quietly entertained?

How can you welcome mid to late elementary-aged kids into the adult service and encourage them to participate?

The answer is simple - Printable Sermon Notes!

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Get the Sermon Notes for Teachers or Church Use, normally $20, for just $10 today.

When you hand parents these Sermon Notes pages, you are telling them, "Your kids are welcome here. We understand that it's difficult to keep your kids quietly entertained. We want to come alongside you and help you as you teach your kids God's Word."

And you are telling the children, "You are welcome here in our church! We care about you, no matter your size!"

These Sermon Notes Printable pages can be handed to visiting families with little boxes of crayons as they enter the auditorium, kept in a basket with pencils and clipboards at the church welcome center, or even handed out to kids at the end of the Sunday School program before they enter the adult service.

What Others Say


These sermon notes are visually appealing and worked wonderfully at keeping my children engaged in the sermon. They really enjoyed completing them. As a mother, I like how they are not just for taking notes but have questions and activities to encourage deeper thinking and application of the text to their lives.



My 8 year-old son gets distracted easily in the service. Having actual pages in front of him reminds him to participate in the service. I like how it helps him stay focused on the Pastor and what he is saying.

Sarah, mom of 4


I printed them and started handing one or two out to those who wanted to make notes. The response I had from the parents were amazing. This Sunday, I printed them all and handed them out to everyone. Needless to say, the children are super excited and they feel so important. This is definitely helping our children live the Word not only on a Sunday, but during the whole week. 


Special Offer for you!

Get the Sermon Notes for Teachers or Church Use, normally $20, for just $10 today.