Make Bible Memory a Blast!

Memorizing Bible verses shouldn't be a chore! Help your students not only memorize Bible verses, but have fun while doing it with these games and activities.

12 Bible Memory Games

These 12 Active Games will make Bible memory a blast for all your students.

A Verse in My Pocket

This craft can be used with any verse. All you need is paper, scissors, & tape.

Bible Verse Maze

Ready for a challenge? Have your students design a verse marble maze.

14 Ways to Memorize

Here are 14 ways to make memorizing the Bible not only easier, but fun!

Projects Gallery

Are your kids fidgety? If so, they will love this Bible Verse Spinner craft - a creative and active way to memorize a Bible verse.
The Astonishing Story of Salvation

As a teacher, you want to give your students a strong Biblical foundation for their lives. You want to encourage your students to read the Bible and get to know Jesus Christ for themselves. 

Now there's an easy way for you to introduce your students to the good news of the gospel.

Memory Verse Puzzle Templates

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