February 15


Exploding Balloons Bible Verse Memory Game

By Anna Joy

February 15, 2022

Here’s an active Bible verse memory game that will have your kids laughing and learning in no time! It’s easy to prep and can be played with any Bible verse that your kids are working on.

Need a Bible verse memory game? The exploding balloons Bible verse memory game is easy to prep for and will have your kids laughing and memorizing Bible verses in no time!

When I was teaching 3rd and 4rth grade Sunday School, exploding balloons was one of my students’ favorite games! My active boys especially loved the crazy chaos of this game – and they were excited to learn the Bible verse in order to play it!

I loved that it was easy to prepare and could be played with any Bible verse.

Materials Needed for Bible Verse Memory Game:

  • Multiple balloons in different colors (I recommend 6 to 8 balloons of one color for each “team”, with each team having anywhere from 1 to 5 students on it. So, you would need 6 to 8 blue balloons, 6 to 8 yellow balloons, etc. Each team needs an equal number of balloons.)
  • The Bible verse, written or printed on different colors of paper corresponding to the balloon colors, one copy per team
  • Scissors

Preparation Work:

  1. Cut the verses apart, cutting between the words or word phrases as desired.

2. Fold and insert the word phrases into the balloons. If you have three teams, for example – a red team, orange team, and green team – put the red Bible verse words in the red balloons, the orange in the orange, etc. If you have more words or word phrases than balloons, insert multiple pieces of paper in the balloons as needed.

3. Blow up all of the balloons with the pieces of paper inside of them.

To Play:

  1. Go over the verse several times with your class so they are familiar with the verse.
  2. Divide the class into teams. Each team will be assigned one color of balloon.
  3. Throw the balloons randomly all over the classroom.
  4. When you say “Go”, each team must grab their color of balloons, break the balloons, and get the pieces of paper. They must then put the pieces of paper into the correct word order. First team to get their Bible verse “built” wins the game!

Just a note: If you have security in your church or other classes nearby, you might want to warn them that there will be lots of noisy, popping balloons for a very short time in your class. ? This game only lasts a minute or two.

When the kids pop the balloons, the little pieces of paper can fly. If you are in close quarters, it’s easy to lose track of which words are from which balloons. This is why you want to have the verses printed on different colors of paper – so your kids will know which words belong to which teams.

Will you be using this exploding balloons Bible verse memory game? If so, I would love to hear how it goes for you! Please comment below. I would also love to hear if you have any other thoughts for this game or recommendations.

May God bless you!

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