November 16


Christmas Bible Reading Plan

By Anna Joy

November 16, 2021

Christmas Bible Reading Plan: Help your kids discover God’s beautiful plan of salvation this Christmas with this FREE Printable Christmas Bible Reading Plan – perfect for the month of December!

Help your kids discover God's beautiful plan of salvation this Christmas with this FREE Printable Christmas Bible Reading Plan - perfect for the month of December!

With school programs, get-togethers, decorating, and purchasing gifts – December can be such a busy time of the year! Don’t let the busyness of the Christmas season steal your focus away from the true peace and joy that we experience as we focus on God’s plan of salvation.

In just minutes a day, you can spend time with your kids quietly reading through the Christmas story and discovering why Jesus’ birth, life, death, and resurrection mean so much.

I want my kids to learn to love God’s Word – and the story of Jesus’ birth is a great place to start!

Every Bible passage in this plan focuses on Jesus Christ as God’s promised Savior.

It will help your kids understand:

  • God’s creation of the world,
  • The first sin,
  • Old Testament promises of the coming Savior,
  • How Jesus fulfilled all of God’s promises, and
  • How Jesus overcame our greatest problem – sin and separation from God – through His perfect obedience, death on the cross, and resurrection.

If you are looking for a simple way to help your kids read the Bible each day, this is it! You don’t have to wonder what verses to read or where to go next. The work is done for you. Now you can spend time savoring God’s Word with your kids instead of trying to figure out what to read each day.

The Christmas Bible reading plan is perfect for the month of December. It features 31 days of Bible verses about Jesus our Savior, giving special focus to His coming and birth.

This Bible reading plan is designed for kids to use for independent Bible reading or for families to use as a read-aloud plan. It could also be used in a homeschooling setting, or for class devotion time at a Christian school.

To get your FREE copy, sign up in the box below. Then, print the Christmas Bible reading plan in black and white or full color and use it each day. It’s that easy!

If you do use this Bible reading plan, I would love to hear how it goes! Please scroll down to comment.

May God bless you!

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  1. This reading plan is great! We started it today with our 4 year old and are so excited to be reading actual scripture with him. We bought the journal to go with it and he loves it! We are hoping for similar plans for future months! 🙂 Thank you for your work preparing these great resources!

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