Do you ever feel like you are missing the whole point of Christmas?

With all of the excitement, busyness, expectations, and pressures that Christmas brings, it is easy to lose sight of the true meaning, joy, and wonder of Christmas.

The Christmas Meditations Bible Study was written to help you slow down and rediscover the true joy of Christmas.

Rediscover the Baby in the manger, the Creator God sent from heaven for the purpose of redeeming His people through His obedience and sacrifice.

Worship the young Eternal King with the Wise Men.

Marvel with John at the Word which became flesh and dwelt among us.

And rejoice with Isaiah as you see prophesies miraculously fulfilled through the birth and life of Jesus Christ.

The Christmas Meditations Bible Study will bring a rich meaning and wonder to your Christmas season this year. I guarantee it!

This beautiful, easy-to-use Bible Study Pack includes:

30 Days of Bible reading and Life Application Questions

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6 Different Prayer Journal Pages

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30 Meditation Cards, perfect for taping above your desk or clipping to your refrigerator

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1 Gorgeous 8X10 Verse Printable, perfect for framing or giving away.

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Add joy and meaning to your Christmas celebrations this year – with this beautiful printable Christmas Meditations Bible Study Pack.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How long will this Bible study take to complete each day?

The readings in this Bible study are fairly short, so it can be easily completed in 10 minutes a day. The Meditation Cards and questions will keep you thinking about what you have read throughout the day.

How many lessons are included in this study?

There are 31 lessons in this study.

Which Bible versions is this study compatible with?

The 31 lessons are compatible with any Bible version. The printable meditation cards, prayer journal sheets, and wall art are available in New International Version, King James Version, and English Standard Version.

Does this Bible study require a lot of paper and ink to print?

Each lesson fits onto 1/2 page, or two lessons per page (17 pages total). If you choose to print front and back, you can print four lessons to one page. The prayer journal pages are each 1/2 page, and the meditation cards print 8 to one page.

You can also choose which pages of the Bible study you would like to print.

I don’t have colored ink.

While the full color is gorgeous, this Bible study also looks great in black and white.

I’m still not sure if this Bible study is right for me. Can I try it before I buy it?

Absolutely! Click Here to Download the first four lessons (ESV only).