February 22


Jesus’ Miracles Bible Reading Plan for Kids

By Anna Joy

February 22, 2022

Jesus’ Miracles Bible Reading Plan: Help your kids explore Jesus’ exciting miracles while building their faith with this FREE printable Bible Reading plan.

The Jesus' Miracles Bible Reading Plan will help your kids experience Jesus' miracles straight from the pages of the Bible!

Help your kids experience Jesus’ miracles straight from the pages of the Bible! This exciting reading plan is perfect to read everyday for a month at home or to use for classroom devotions!

Jesus' Miracles Bible Reading Plan picture of printable page in full color

With this Bible plan, you can help your kids understand that Jesus truly is the Son of God and equal to God the Father as you study Jesus’ miracles together!

The Jesus’ Miracles Bible Reading Plan Will Take Your Kids on an Adventure as they Read About Jesus’:

  • Many miracles of healing people who were sick, blind, and diseased
  • Complete authority over demons
  • Full control over nature as the Creator
  • Conquering of death as He raised people from the dead
  • And much more!
Jesus' Miracles Bible Reading Plan picture of printable page in black and white

If you are looking for a simple way to help your kids read the Bible each day, this is it! You don’t have to wonder what verses to read or where to go next. The work is done for you. Now you can spend time savoring God’s Word with your kids instead of trying to figure out what to read each day.

This Bible reading plan is perfect for daily reading through any 30 day month. You can also read it on your own schedule by coloring in the Bibles by the passage prompts as you go – you choose!

You can use this plan to encourage your kids to read the Bible on their own or as a read-aloud plan for your family or classroom. This Bible plan can be used in a homeschool setting, or for class devotion time at a Christian school.

To get your FREE copy, sign up in the green box below. Then, print the Bible reading plan in black and white or full color and use it each day. It’s that easy!

If you do use this Bible reading plan, I would love to hear how it goes! Please scroll down to comment.

May God bless you!

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