June 7


Old Testament Spinner Craft

By Anna Joy

June 7, 2022

Let’s face it: Learning the books of the Old Testament can be a challenge. But, you can still add some fun to this challenge with the Old Testament Spinner Craft!

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Materials Needed for the Books of the Bible Old Testament Spinner:

  • One copy of the two page Old Testament Spinner Template for each student. (You can choose full color on pages 2-3 of the file or black and white outline on pages 4-5 for your kids to color.)
  • Scissors
  • One paper brad or round headed paper fastener per child
  • Crayons, washable markers, or colored pencils if desired


  • Have your students color the templates, if desired.
  • Locate the template with the two children on the front. Cut the circle out.
  • Cut into the circle and remove the marked “pie piece” along the lines. (See picture below.)
  • Cut the circle with the Bible book names out along the outer edge. DO NOT cut into this circle at all.
  • Layer the circle with the children over the circle with the Bible book names so that the edges match. Insert the brad or paper fastener through the black dot on the front circle. Turn the whole spinner over and flatten the brad tails to fasten both circles together.
Help your kids learn the books of the Old Testament in order with this fun Old Testament Spinner Craft - Perfect for Church, Bible class, or homeschool!
  • Twist the top circle to reveal the names of the books of the Old Testament in order.

To Play:

  • Have kids say the names of the books of the New Testament, starting with Matthew, as they twist the spinner.
  • As they get familiar with the names of the books of the New Testament, see if they can remember the name of the next book before twisting the spinner. Then, twist the spinner to see if they are right!

Note: It is really helpful to memorize the books of the Old Testament in small sections. You might start with Genesis through Deuteronomy. Once your kids are very familiar with these books, add Joshua, Judges, and Ruth. Continue until your kids know all the books of the Old Testament.

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Will you be using this Old Testament Spinner craft with your kids? I would love to hear how it goes! Please scroll down to comment.

Do you need a New Testament version of this craft? You can find that here.

May God bless you!

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  1. Definitely Yes! To God be all the glory for the wisdom that God give you ma'am for this wonderful ideas. It can be a big help in memorizing the books of the Bible. For the kids and for me 🙂 Thank you so much and God bless.

  2. Wow!
    Such a simple, classic – but extremely effective way to practice! Our SS class of 5-8 kids will love this for review and newcomers will be able to jump in too! So very grateful for your heart and diligence as we pray that their hearts will love the Lord God too!

  3. It is so sweet! So craft-y way to learn more about Bible through this spinner! God blesses your effort! You are a charm for parents and teachers.

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