September 4


Salvation Verses Finger Puzzle

By Anna Joy

September 4, 2018

Kids love finger puzzles! Now your kids can have fun making and playing with a finger puzzle while also learning about the story of salvation – with this salvation verses finger puzzle.

Salvation Verses Finger Puzzle

This adorable Salvation Verses Finger Puzzle is perfect to make with your own kids at home or in a classroom. It would also make a great gift to hand out to kids visiting your church or could be used to encourage kids to memorize verses about salvation. The finger puzzle can be printed in full color or black and white outline (allowing kids to color their own.)

The salvation verses finger puzzle features words to spell on the outside, numbered pictures on the next layer, and Bible-related questions and Bible verses on the inside. The puzzles are available in CSB, ESV, KJV, NASB, NIV, and NKJV Bible versions.

The outside squares feature salvation words to spell while opening and closing the finger puzzle in different directions.

The second layer of triangles features adorable pictures and numbers to choose from. Children can then open and close the finger puzzle in different directions counting up to the number chosen.

These finger puzzles are perfect to help my kids memorize Bible verses about salvation, or to hand out as gifts at church. Salvation Verses Finger Puzzle

Finally, children can choose a number from 1 to 4, open the flap, and answer the corresponding question or read the verse. The questions and verses are all about salvation.

These finger puzzles are perfect to help my kids memorize Bible verses about salvation, or to hand out as gifts at church. Salvation Verses Finger Puzzle

To play, have your child insert their thumb and index finger from each hand into the flaps in the back. Open and close the finger puzzle in different directions as you spell one of the words from the outer layer.

Then, pick a picture from the inside. Open and close the finger puzzle the number of times indicated on the picture you chose.

Choose one more image. Open that flap and choose a number from one to four. Read the verse or question from the chosen number.

These finger puzzles are perfect to help my kids memorize Bible verses about salvation, or to hand out as gifts at church. Salvation Verses Finger Puzzle

I would love to hear how you use these finger puzzles. Please scroll down to comment.

May God bless you!

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  1. Hi, I've. Clicked the button in post many times and it's not allowing me to purchase.

    I only see click here to get. Puzzle each time.

    Please help.

  2. Hi, Anna!

    I noticed many have asked if these tools are available in Spanish. I am in need of tools in Spanish as well. Are any of your tools in Spanish? Thank you for any help!

  3. Buenas noches a todos les saludo desde bolivia me parece muy bueno la manualidad, ¿por si no molesta la pregunta no tendrian uno en español?

  4. Is there any way I can get this in a format that I can convert to Spanish? I would love to use this as a tool to share Christ in my church in Mexico, but the kids do not understand English. I can convert it if it is in a different format. Thank you, Sally

  5. Thank you! I have 2 7 year old boys in my Bible Study class with whom I will share this. Neither of them has yet accepted Jesus as Lord.

    1. Awww, Melanie, thank you for being here and for letting me know. May God bless you and give you wisdom as you share the gospel with these sweet boys. – Anna Joy

  6. Hi there!

    I just loooooved this!!! And I’m pretty sure my kids will love it too… Is there any chance you have a Spanish version of this amazing tool?

  7. Looks very nice! As someone asked about the Book of Mormon, I must ask, is this a Mormon or Christian website? Secondly, do you have this available in Spanish? Thank you for your time!

    1. Hello, Jonathan. This is a Christian website. Unfortunately, I do not have the materials in Spanish, though I would love to translate them one day, Lord willing. May God bless you!

  8. Very good pazzo.I want to teach it to children at church. Especially in this lockdown crisis.
    Luci C.

      1. Except that it’s not showing up Karen. I will email you these printables and get the sign up box back in place which has inexplicably disappeared. Thanks for letting me know!

  9. I had been praying to find a fun way to share salvation with our kiddos and for them to share with others, and I thank the Lord for leading me here to this site for this awesome craft/salvation plan. Thank you for sharing!!

    1. They are free, Christina. If you sign up with your email in the box above, they will be sent to you and you can use them with the children in your church. May God bless you as you minister to these precious little ones.

  10. i will be going on a mission trip to Mexico the end of September and would love to have a copy of this in Spanish for the kids. Could you e mail me a copy please?

  11. Hey! I can´t believe I found this resource, we will go over Ephesians 2 with the children’s ministry on Sunday and the kids are OBSESSED with this finger puzzle game. This was just God sent. I did it in Spanish based on your idea and just left Ephesians 2:8-9 in the final flaps, divided into four pieces. I hope the kids like it and that it is helpful to understand this amazing truth.

    Thank you. Best from Nicaragua 🙂

  12. Thank you for sharing your ideas with us – I appreciate that you use your time and talents to bless us all. I prepare children’s activities for a monthly International Dinner at our church, and am always on the lookout for ideas we can use to share the good news!

    Merry Christmas!

  13. Hi Anna…I teach RI(Religious Instruction) in 2 local schools in my area(in Australia) each week and the kids love these finger puzzles called chatter boxes here.They are fun as an alternative to their lesson from their books at the end of school term.It is so great to have a good message from the Bible on them and not just a colour or number puzzle.
    Thanks for your many ideas,I value them greatly…you are very energetic in your ministry.
    Bless you,

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