January 27


Stinky Pigs Bible Lesson Review Game

By Anna Joy

January 27, 2020

The Stinky Pigs Bible lesson review game is one of my all-time favorite games to help students review a Bible lesson. It requires very little prep time from the teacher, and includes a variety of ways to play.

Stinky Pigs Bible Lesson Review Game for Sunday School Image showing pigs on dry erase board with teacher and student

These stinky pigs are not only enormously cute. They are also tricky. They might help your students get more points, or they might take points away.

But, that’s not all. The stinky pigs can also be passed around to the opposing team or even the teacher, giving this game a strategic appeal that even older kids will enjoy. To make it even more fun, team “challenges” can be added!

Image showing Stinky Pigs Bible Lesson Review Game for Sunday School close up of printed point cards

Materials Needed for Stinky Pigs Lesson Review Game

  • List of review questions that corresponds with your Bible Lesson
  • “Stinky Pigs” printable point cards, printed double sided. If you have lots of questions, you may need more than one copy of the ”stinky pigs” point cards. (To get your FREE copy, sign up in the box above.)
  • Tape
  • Dry erase board and marker or chalk board and chalk
  • Items for challenges, if desired (bean bags and empty trash can, etc.)
Picture of Stinky Pigs printable Bible Lesson Review Game Cards printed out

Stinky Pigs Set Up

  • Cut the “Stinky Pigs” point cards out along the black lines. (Laminate them for increased durability, if desired.)
  • Tape the “Stinky Pigs” point cards in the middle of the dry erase or chalkboard, making sure that the point side is facing the board (hidden). (See the image below.)
  • Draw a “team” column on each side of the board to keep track of each team’s points.

How to Play Stinky Pigs Lesson Review Game

  • Split your students into two teams.
  • Ask “Team 1” a review question. If they answer correctly, they can choose any “stinky pig” from the “pig bank”. Be careful! Some “stinky pigs” are stinkier than other pigs and can actually take points away! Flip the pig over and tape it in the “Team 1” column.
  • Then, ask “Team 2” a review question.
  • Repeat until all the “stinky pigs” are in team columns or until the review questions are done.
  • Add and subtract the points in each team’s column. The team with the most points wins.
Close up of Stinky Pigs point card for the Bible Lesson Review Game

Making “Stinky Pigs” Even Stinkier

  • Variation 1: If “Team 1” answers a question incorrectly, allow “Team 2” to answer the question. If they answer correctly, they move a stinky pig of their choice from their points column to “Team 1’s” point column. (Here’s where strategy comes into play: If Team 2 has no negative pigs to get rid of, they may choose to purposely answer incorrectly so they don’t have to give any of their “good” pigs away. Let them figure this out on their own!)
  • Variation 2: Add a “teacher” column to the board. (FYI: The teacher will always lose.) If neither team can answer a question correctly, they each move one stinky pig of their choice to the teacher’s column. Alternatively, if neither team can answer a question correctly, the teacher can choose two pigs from the unused pigs.
  • Variation 3: Add the Challenge Pigs to the Pig Bank. If a team flips over a “Challenge” stinky pig, they must compete with the other team to complete the challenge indicated by the teacher to get the number of points on the challenge pig. Challenge ideas: Which team can accurately say the memory verse the fastest without looking? Can get the most balls in a trashcan? Brought the most Bibles to church? Can write down the names of the first 5 books of the Bible first? Match the challenge questions to what your class has been learning.

Let me know if you play this game and how your class liked it. If you have any other ideas for the challenges, I would love to hear your thoughts as well. I am always inspired by your ideas and creativity!

May God bless you!

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  1. Your ideas are awesome and engaging for kids (and adults)! Thank you for the freebies. I am showing them to leaders at church and may purchase some in the future. Thank you again and God bless your love for Him. It shows!
    Aline Schipper

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