June 20


12 Seriously Fun Bible Memory Verse Games for Kids

By Anna Joy

June 20, 2016

These fun Bible memory verse games for kids will help your kids memorize Bible verses in a way that is active and engaging!

Do you help children memorize Bible verses? Whether you are teaching one child at home or 25 children in a classroom, you need easy ways to make memory verse time seriously fun. These 12 games will help you to do exactly that – with very little prep time and using objects you probably already have in your home.

Bible Memory Verse Games - Bible Verse Puzzles

1. “Puzzles” Bible Memory Verse Games

Write or type the Bible verse onto a sheet of paper. Add images, if desired. Cut the paper into odd shapes to make a puzzle. Have your child assemble the puzzle.

In a hurry? Sign up in the green box above to get 3 done-for-you printable Bible verse puzzles that can be used with ANY Bible verse your kids are working on!

Multiple children? For younger children, save time by writing or typing the verse on the puzzle BEFORE making copies of the puzzle. For older kids who can write well, have them write the verses on their own copies of the puzzle.

Variation: You can also turn these puzzles into a game by writing the verse out, printing the puzzle, cutting it apart, and hiding pieces around a classroom. Challenge your kids to find the pieces and put the puzzle together. If you have enough students to divide into teams, print the puzzle several times on different colors of paper and have each team look for puzzle pieces in their team color.

Bible Memory Verse Games - Hot Seat Bible Verse Game

2. “Hot Seat” Bible Memory Verse Games

This game works best for multiple children. Write or type the Bible verse on a sheet of paper. Cut the words or phrases apart. Tape a word or phrase under random chairs in the classroom. After the kids are seated, ask them to look under their chairs to see if they are sitting in one of the “hot seats” – a chair that has a word under it. Whoever finds a word under their chair brings it to the front. The kids must arrange themselves in line, each holding up their word, so that the words are in the correct order.

Lots of Kids? Print the verse in different colors and mix them throughout the room. Then, all of the kids with a blue word under their seat must complete the blue verse while the kids with a red word under their seat must complete the red verse.

Bible Memory Verse Games - Exploding Balloons Game

3. “Exploding Balloons” Bible Memory Verse Game

Write or type the Bible verse on a sheet of paper, using fairly small print. Cut the words or phrases apart. Carefully roll or fold each word up and insert it into a balloon opening. Blow up the balloons and tie them. Place the balloons in a mixed up pile. Have your child pop the balloons, get the words, and put them in order.

Need a Bible verse memory game? The exploding balloons Bible verse memory game is easy to prep for and will have your kids laughing and memorizing Bible verses in no time!

Multiple children? Print the verse on several times on different colors of paper. Insert the words for each memory verse into different colored balloons (for example, the “blue” verse into blue balloons, the “red” verse into red balloons.) Divide the kids into teams and see which team can pop all of their balloons and assemble their verse first.

Bible Memory Verse Games - Fill in the Missing Word Game

4. “Fill in the Missing Word” Bible Memory Verse Games

Write or type the Bible verse onto a sheet of paper. Cut the words apart. Tape the words to a wall or table. Have your child say the verse out loud, then remove one word. Have your child say the verse again, seeing if they can remember the missing word. Then, have your child take away another word. Repeat, until all of the words are gone and your child is saying the verse from memory. Post it notes also work great for this game!

Multiple children? Have the kids take turns removing words, everyone saying the verse together.

Variation: Rather than printing a verse on a piece of paper, try writing the verse on a dry erase board or chalk board and erasing the words.

Bible Memory Verse Games - Bible Verse Catch Game

5. “Verse Catch” Bible Memory Verse Games

All you need for this game is a ball. Say one phrase of the verse. Have your child repeat the phrase with you. Then, toss a ball back and forth. As you toss the ball, say one word of the phrase. Your child catches the ball, then tosses it back to you, saying the next word. You can play again, varying who starts the phrase, until your child knows the phrase by memory. Then, repeat this game with the next phrase of the verse.

Multiple children? Stand in a circle and toss or bounce a ball back and forth as you say the words. You can have the whole group or individuals say the words with each throw.

Bible Memory Verse Games - Framed Bible Verse Activity

6. A Framed Bible Memory Verse

Write or type the Bible verse onto a sheet of paper. Put a frame around the verse. Cut individual words or phrases out of the frame. Spread the words around a room, taping them to a wall or hiding them. At “go”, your child must find all of the words and assemble them in the correct order back into the frame.

Multiple children? Print the verse on several different colored pages. Have each child or team work on one color verse, racing to see who can complete their “puzzle” the fastest.

Bible Memory Verse Games - Scrambled Words Verses Game

7. Scrambled Verses

Write or print the verse on a piece of paper, leaving lined blanks for several words. Under the blank lines, write the letters that make up that word, scrambled. Have your child unscramble the letters to figure out what the word is.

Bible Memory Verse Games - The Tricky Teacher Game

8. The Tricky Teacher

Repeat the verse with your child several times so that they are familiar with it. Then, say the verse aloud to them, but make a mistake. When your child hears the mistake, they call out “Gotcha” and get one point. If your child doesn’t catch the error, the “Tricky Teacher” gets a point.

Multiple children? Play this game in exactly the same way, pitting the children against the teacher to see who gets the most points.

Bible Memory Verse Games - Sidewalk Chalk Activity

9. Sidewalk Chalk Bible Verse Activity

Grab a box of sidewalk chalk and head outside. Have your child write the verse in large letters on your driveway or sidewalk, then illustrate it as desired.

Multiple children? Have each child write their own verse or work together in groups to write and illustrate the verses.

Bible Memory Verse Games - Toppling Bible Verses Game

10. Toppling Verses

Write or type the Bible verse onto a sheet of paper. Cut the verse into individual words and tape each word onto a domino. Mix the dominoes with the Bible verse words. Have your child put the words in order, standing each domino on it’s short end in a train. After your child has assembled the dominoes and can say the verse, allow your child to knock down the first domino and watch them tumble.

Multiple Children? Print the Bible verse several different times, and tape onto different groups of dominoes. Give each child or team their own group of dominoes and see who can put the words in order the quickest. Then, have fun watching the dominoes tumble.

Bible Memory Verse Games Building Block Veses picture showing girl building a Bible verse taped to duplos

11. Building Block Verses

Write or type the Bible verse onto a sheet of paper. Cut the verse into individual words and tape each word to a large building block. (Duploes or Mega-Blocks work great!) Mix the words. Repeat the verse several times with your child. Then, challenge your child to use the building blocks to build a wall or shape, while getting the Bible verse words in the correct order.

Multiple children? Print the Bible verse several different times, and tape onto different groups of building blocks. Give each child or team their own group of building blocks and see who can come up with the most creative shape.

Bible Memory Verse Games for Kids Picture of Bible Verse Words cut apart and taped to Jenga blocks

12. “Crashing Verses” Bible Memory Verse Games

Write or type the Bible verse onto a sheet of paper with small print. Cut the verse into individual words and tape each word to the short end of a Jenga game piece. Build a Jenga tower with regular Jenga pieces and the verse pieces mixed together, placing the verse words in one direction and in order so that it can be read.. Play Jenga as usual. Each time someone successfully removes a Jenga block, repeat the verse together. At first, you will be able to read the Jenga verse pieces, but it will get harder as the verse pieces get more and more mixed up. When the Jenga tower falls, put your verse together in the correct order.

Multiple Children? Play in the same way.

Bible Memory Verse Games for Kids Picture of Bible Verse Words cut apart and taped to Jenga blocks

How about you? Will you be using any of these game ideas? Do you have any ideas of your own? I would love to hear from you. Please scroll down to comment.

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  1. Split into 2 teams by evenly handing out either a red or blue piece of paper to all kids and tell them to hold onto it the whole game.. You will have a blue and red stack of the verses cut out up front, one stack forceach team. Put #'s on the floor by cutting out poster board and putting velcro on the back so they dont slide. Have enough #'s for every kid. Turn on music and kids walk around in a circle shape. Music will be your verse song if you have one. When the music stops, kids have to find a # to stand on. The caller up front will cover their eyes and call a random #. Whoever is on that # will go to their team's color stack up front and try to pick the first word in the verse. If they get it right, they put it on the floor where there is space for all the words in the verse eventually. Start the music and all get to walk in circle again. Each round, music stops, caller calls a #, that kud goes to their team's stack and tries to puck nxt word. game ends when a team has qll the words in the right order OR if you run out of time, the team with most words in order wins.

    1. Diana, I LOVE this game idea! So fun! It’s basically a “cake walk” game, but with kids putting the Bible verse together. Active and engaging! Thank you so much for sharing this. I appreciate you!

  2. I have written each word of the verse on a sticky note then stick one word on the children's backs. Then they arrange themselves in the order of the verse.

  3. These ideas were very, very helpful! Thank you for sharing and making these helps So accessible! I plan on using the scrambled verse for my activity. This one works virtually. Thank you again for freely sharing !
    Sincerely, Linda

  4. These ideas are fantastic! I did the domino tumble with my kids and they didn’t want to end the activity. Needless to say, they learned the Scripture verse immediately because they were having so much fun. I have 2 groups of kids, kindergarten through 4th grade and 5th and 6th grades. Both age groups love this activity. Thank you for sharing!

  5. One thing my large class enjoys is to do Echo on the mountains
    I call out a phrase of the verse, then the first row of kids echos a bit quieter, the second row quieter still and the third row just a whisper.

    The other is we say the verse in Accents- English and Southern are my best but some of the kids do well with Irish and Ugandan and Mexican…

    1. Love the Sticky Notes line-up and the Echo Mountain! Thank you for contributing to an already great site – I've used ALL of these!

  6. I’m gozing to Maine for a mission trip later this month and have been put in charge of verse related games. This website has helped me soooo much, it also inspired me for more ideas!!! ??

  7. I love these ideas! They will go into the very next Sunday School lesson. There are some kids that always know their verses, probably because they get help from parents. But these games will help those that don’t get help at home to feel that they can really memorize the Word! thanks

  8. I love the ideas about Bible memorization. I am serving in Haiti, where using visuals is not common. These ideas will certainly help to generate interest in our kid’s club activities. Thank you very much.

  9. I forgot to mention earlier, some idea I have for teaching memory verses. I like to put the verse to music either making up a tune or perhaps even a beat by clapping hands, many verses can be adapted to songs kids already know. Another idea is to have a “clothesline” with clothespins and words/phrases mixed up and pinned on the line. Kids have to put it in order. I’ve also put verse words/phrases on a full size sheet of paper 8 1/2 x 11, with a large font (make your margins as small as you can), spread the papers around the floor and let the kids scramble to put them in order. I have a prize box of small trinkets the kids can select from if they memorize a verse.

  10. These are fantastic ideas for memorizing, thank you. Will try some out in my Sunday School class. Additionally, I have 10 young grandchildren, so will try these method with some of them. I have a couple friends who teach in Christian School, so will definitely direct them to your page. Thanks again for these valuable resources. ~ Abby

  11. I love these ideas you have shared on page. They are great ideas . My school class has been using some these ideas already. The children love them. I appreciate you sharing them with me. I plan to use many more of your ideas in the future. I needed some new ideas so I believe God sent you to me to guide me doing more. I needed these creative ideas. Thank you!!! ?

    Beverly Reeder

  12. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and ideas. It’s been a while since I taught Sunday school and I’m now looking for new information. Thanks ever so much.

  13. God bless you and your family. I was looking for Bible games for our summer day camp kids. I am not a creative person and really needed this help. I cannot thank you enough for your site which has given me weeks worth of activities for our campers.

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