March 19


Bible Verse Easter Puzzles

By Anna Lowell

March 19, 2016

Are you looking for a simple way to review some Easter Bible verses with your children? These Bible Verse Easter Puzzles are just the ticket!

These puzzles could be made at home, used in a classroom as a filler for kids who have already finished the lesson, or be a gift for older kids to make to give to younger siblings.

They could also be used in games. The harder puzzles can be printed off multiple times to be used competitively as a race with multiple kids. (Who can assemble it fastest?)

Alternatively, these puzzles could be used in place of an Easter Egg hunt. Print the desired puzzle on different colors of paper. Hide the puzzle pieces. Then, assign each child or team a color. Have the kids look for the puzzle pieces in that color and then assemble the puzzle. First child or team to assemble their puzzle wins! If desired, small pieces of candy can also be hidden with the puzzle pieces.

The thicker the paper that you use to make the puzzles, the easier they will be to put together. However, if your paper is too thick, the ink may smear a bit from your printer. Most scrapbook paper or cardstock paper will work well.

Download the Easter Puzzles in ESV

Download the Easter Puzzles in KJV

Download the Easter Puzzles in NIV


  • Scrapbook paper or cardstock, 8.5 by 11 inches
  • Printer
  • Scissors
  • Bible Verse Easter Puzzles Printables


1. If your scrapbook paper is larger than 8.5 by 11 inches, cut it down to size so that it can go through your printer. Place your paper into the printer so that the ink will print onto the “pretty” side of your paper. Print the templates.

Note: There are six different puzzles in this set. The first puzzle is the easiest and the last puzzle is the hardest. You can choose which puzzles would be most appropriate for the ages of your children and print just those puzzles.

2. Cut the puzzles along the dotted lines.

3. Enjoy assembling the puzzles with your kids.

Will you be making these puzzles? I would love to hear how you use them. Please scroll down to comment.

May God bless you this Easter!

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  1. Thank you for all your wonderful creative bible activities. You are glorifing God throughout the world with these crafts and all the ones you'll bless us with in the future.


  2. I have young children that live next to me and they are Christians and I so love the beautiful web site. Thank you for helping me make something special for my neighbors and the Sunday school children.God Bless

  3. Dear Anna!
    I am a teacher from Hungary. I teach in a Catholic school, not just Sunday School. I’m delighted to have found your site, I know a lot about it. I can not speak English very much, but I’m trying to translate your work into our language. Children love, love to learn about Jesus and the wonderful world of God. Thank you for your great work!
    May God bless you this Easter!

  4. I was just curious if these are the only puzzles you have? These are great for Sunday Busy Bags that we use for our kids during worship/sermon!!! Thanks for amazing products!

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