October 14


Bible Verse Treasure Box Craft

By Anna Joy

October 14, 2015

Would you like to encourage your kids to treasure God’s Word in the their hearts? Help them make a beautiful Bible verse treasure box to store their favorite verses. This post includes three printable verses to get you started.

Treasure Boxes 5

Treasure boxes 1

Bible Verse Treasure Box Materials:

Wooden Treasure Boxes (Can be purchased at most craft supply stores)
Fine Grit Sandpaper (optional)
Mod Podge or White Glue
Paint Brushes
Pretty Paper
A Picture of Your Child, if desired
Sticker Embellishments, if desired
Treasure Verse Printable

Treasure Boxes 2

1. Lightly sand the treasure box, getting rid of the rough edges. (This step can be skipped, if desired.)

Treasure boxes 3

2. Decorate the lid of the box with paper, picture, and embellishments, as desired. To get a “decoupage” look, have your child tear the paper into small pieces. With the paintbrush, apply a thin layer of glue or mod podge to the surface of the lid. Carefully stick the torn paper into the glue or mod podge, making sure that each piece is firmly pressed into the glue (no edges sticking up). Allow the glue to dry, then repaint with the glue over the surface of the papers. The top layer of glue or mod podge will give the project a “sealed” or varnished look.

Treasure Boxes 4

You may also desire to decorate with some paper scraps covered by a picture and some embellishments, without doing the decoupage look.

Here’s a look at some different styles that my kids came up with. My son used paper scraps to make a “smiley” face on his.

Treasure Boxes 6

Your child may also enjoy decorating the inside of the box.

Treasure Boxes 7

Here’s an example of a boy’s picture box. It can be made to look more masculine!

Treasure Boxes 8

Treasure boxes 9

Print [Treasure Box Printables]

How would you decorate this Bible verse treasure box craft? I would love to hear your suggestions!

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