December 10


Christmas Glitter Cards

By Anna Joy

December 10, 2015

Are you looking for some inexpensive but beautiful gifts your children can make and give to friends, grandparents, teachers, and classmates? These simple, rustic Christmas Glitter Cards are a perfect way to let someone special know that you are thinking of them this Christmas season.

Christmas Cards 13

These cards are super easy to make. Their appeal comes from the “hand drawn” quality of each card. Each card is its own unique masterpiece.

My nine-year-old girls loved making these cards and were able to work independently on them. My seven-year-old son enjoyed drawing the designs, then I helped him with the glue and he sprinkled glitter over the designs. I would not recommend this craft for kids younger than six or seven.

Materials Needed for Christmas Glitter Cards:

Glitter in various Christmas colors
Cardstock paper
Scrap Paper (to make glitter clean-up easier)
Various circular objects to trace (or compass)

Directions for Christmas Glitter Cards:

Cut the cards into the desired sizes. I used 4.5 by 10 inch strips of paper for the larger cards and smaller strips for the smaller sizes. You can make any size of cards, but don’t forget to make sure they will fit into envelopes if you plan on sending them.

Christmas Cards 1

Draw the desired design on the card. Trace circular objects for the snowman or ornament cards, or use a compass.

Christmas Cards 2

Cover your work surface with scrap paper. Carefully outline the design with glue, outlining only the lines that will be covered with one color at a time.

Christmas Cards 3

Apply glitter of that color. Shake the loose glitter off the card onto the scrap paper. Use the scrap paper to carefully return the excess glitter to the glitter jar.

Christmas cards 4

Allow the glue to dry.

Carefully outline the design with glue, outlining the lines that you want to cover with a different color of glitter. Allow to dry. Repeat as necessary.

Christmas Cards 5

Here’s another pictoral example:

Christmas Cards 6 Christmas Cards 7 Christmas Cards 8 Christmas Cards 9

My kids really enjoyed making these!

Christmas Cards 10 Christmas Cards 11

And a few more design ideas:

Christmas Cards 15

If you make these cards, I would love to hear from you! Please scroll down to comment.

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