December 5


Christmas Notebook

By Anna Joy

December 5, 2016

Are you traveling to Grandma’s house for Christmas and need something to keep your kids occupied in the car? Do you need an activity to keep your kids busy while waiting for Christmas Eve dinner to cook? How about a fun project to keep restless kids entertained in downtime at school or church?

Christmas notebook 6

This adorable Christmas Notebook is perfect for all of those needs.

Christmas notebook 1

Christmas notebook 2

Christmas Notebook Materials:

Christmas Notebook Printables (Scroll down to print the notebook)
Crayons/pencil or pen
Cardstock for cover, if desired
Bible (ESV, KJV, or NIV would be best)

Christmas Notebook 3

Christmas Notebook Directions:

Print the pages.

[Print the Christmas Notebook in ESV]

[Print the Christmas Notebook in NIV]

[Print the Christmas Notebook in KJV]

Cut the pages out along the outer edge, but do not cut the pages apart. Fold the pages along the center “thick” line.

Cut the cardstock to be larger than the pages. Staple the pages to the back cardstock page (see photo above). Then, staple the front cardstock page to the back cardstock page. Cut the cover pages apart. Glue the front and back pages to the cardstock covers.

Christmas Notebook 4

Christmas notebook 5

Have fun coloring and filling in the book!

Christmas notebook 6

Will you be making this notebook with your kids? I would love to hear what you think. Please scroll down to comment, then share the idea on facebook or pinterest! Thank you.

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  1. Thank you so much for providing free, wonderful material for children.
    I really appreciate it and the children love it!

  2. Thank you so much, love your work, you are very talented. Thank you so much for providing free downloads. God bless you xox

  3. I enjoy your beautiful activities as much as the kids thank you for such great and free gifts as a small church we do not have a lot of resources and your site is so valuable. thank you for sharing your God given gift. God Bless you in the coming year JO

    1. No problem, Glenda. You can actually sign up as many times as you want, and you won’t get duplicate emails. It’s more like using your email as a password to access all of the printables. May God bless you!

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