June 8


Clothespin Verse Activity

By Anna Joy

June 8, 2015

Are you looking for a fun activity to help children memorize verses that requires little preparation and materials you already have on hand? This clothespin verse activity is a perfect solution! It can be used in a home setting with a single child or in a classroom setting.

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Clothespin Verse Activity Materials:

Twine, String, or Yarn
Some kind of stiff board to pin or tape the twine to, optional
Cardstock or Paper

I used mini clothespins for this project because I had them on hand. They are excellent for kids 9 years old or older. It would be easier to use regular sized clothespins for younger children or groups of children because they are easier to handle.

clothespin verse 1

Clothespin Verse Activity One: For an Individual Child

1. Write the verse on a piece of cardstock or paper. Draw dotted “cut” lines between the words.

2. Have the child cut the verse apart on the dotted lines.

3. Challenge the child to put the verse back together in order on the twine with the clothespins.

clothespin verse 2

Clothespin Verse Activity Two: For a Group of Children

Make enough copies of the verse for all of the children. Have cut lengths of twine and enough clothespins for all of the children to make their own craft. Follow instructions for the individual child craft. When the children are finished cutting the words apart, challenge them to a race. Who can pin up the verse in the correct order the fastest?

clothespin verse 3

Clothespin Verse Activity Three: For a Group of Children

Write the verse in large letters on a large piece of paper or cardstock. Cut the words apart. Have a long piece of twine suspended or held up by two children. Pass out clothespins and the word cards in random order. Have the kids work together to get the words in the right order.

Variation One

Have two copies of the verse, cut apart, and two long pieces of twine. Divide the class into two groups. Hand out the word cards to the two teams, one verse to each team. Have the children race to see which team can assemble the verse correctly the quickest.

Variation Two 

Instead of handing the word cards to the children, tape the cards under random chairs. When it comes time to play, have the kids check under their chairs to see who has words to place on the line. You will have to make sure that every chair with a word under it is filled with a student or this will not work.

clothespin verse 4

Clothespin Verse Activity Four: For an Individual Child or a Group of Children

Have the verse pre-strung in the correct order. Say the verse together. Have a child remove one word and the clothespin from the line. They can choose any word, and they keep the word and the clothespin. Say the verse together again, saying the missing word from memory. Have another child remove another word, then say the verse again. Repeat until the string is empty and the child (children) can say the verse from memory. Finally, have the children scramble to get the verse back on the line.

Have you used any of these methods to teach Bible verses? Do you have any ideas for more fun variations on this activity? I would love to hear from you! Please comment below.


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  1. We used the last idea to work on our Sunday School verse two weeks ago at church. The other ideas sound fun too!

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