June 15


Father’s Day Folded Puzzle Card

By Anna Lowell

June 15, 2021

This little Father's Day folded puzzle card is a great way to help your kids celebrate their fathers and the influential men in their lives.

I know I’ve said this before, but I always feel like there are so many great ideas for crafts and cards for Mother’s Day – and not enough for Father’s Day! This little Father’s Day folded puzzle card is a great way to help your kids celebrate their fathers and the influential men in their lives.

Here’s a fair warning, though: These cards are fun to make because it is interesting to see the seemingly random images come together to make actual pictures and it is fun to open the puzzles and see the different layers. The folding instructions are also simple to follow.

BUT… younger kids may find the folds to be too hard, both to fold accurately enough to make the pictures line up and to fold the paper thickness in the last folds. Because of this, I recommend this craft for kids in third grade and up. (Although, if your kids are really skilled in paper folding already, you probably could help younger kids do this craft.)

Materials Needed for the Father’s Day Folded Puzzle Card:

  • One puzzle template for each student, printed double sided – you choose whether you want your kids to make the full-color version or the black and white outline version. Click the pink links above to print or download.
  • Scissors
  • Pencils or pens to write responses to the prompts
  • Crayons, colored pencils, washable markers if desired to color the puzzle

Directions for the Father’s Day Folded Puzzle:

  1. Print the Folding Puzzle Template, double sided. If your printer asks you which orientation to flip the page on, flip on the long side.

2. Cut the folding puzzle square out along the outer gray edges.

3. Turn the puzzle over so that the back is facing up.

4. Fold the puzzle in half vertically. Open it back up. Fold it in half horizontally. Open it back up. You will now have fold lines dividing the puzzle into four equal squares with the lines intersecting in the center of the puzzle.

5. Fold one corner up so that the point is touching the center of the square. Use your fold lines as a guide. Repeat with all four corners. You will see the puzzle coming together as you fold, if you are folding correctly.

6. The image above is what you should see now!

7. Again fold all four corners up to the center point.

8. You should now see the image above.

9. Again, fold all four corners up to the center.

10. Your folded puzzle is done! Color the pictures if desired, answer the prompts, and write a secrete message or draw a picture for your father on the inside.

This is what the puzzle looks like as it is opened:

The inside of the puzzle includes a blank space to write a secret message to a dad or draw a picture – whatever the student wants to do!

These puzzles are also generic enough to be used with any positive man in a child’s life. A student may choose to make one for a grandfather, uncle, step-dad, or foster dad, if desired.

The inside of the puzzle features 1 Corinthians 16:14 – “Let all that you do be done in love.”

This little Father's Day folded puzzle card is a great way to help your kids celebrate their fathers and the influential men in their lives.

Will you be making this puzzle with your kids this Father’s Day? If so, comment below to let me know how it goes.

And, as always, if you love this idea and are on Facebook or Pinterest, please consider sharing this post. I really appreciate it!

May God bless you!

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  1. I always enjoy using your crafts and projects for our "special days"! What a beautiful job you do and this is always a special things to do with my Sunday school class

  2. Anna Joy:
    From a Grandmother in Canada. I do these for my grandbabies and their parents to do with them.
    Thank you for making them possible to share God’s love.

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