October 7


Halloween Bible Study

By Anna Joy

October 7, 2015

Fall is in the air!

(Which means that Halloween is right around the corner.)

Try as you might, you probably won’t be able to escape from Halloween this year. Facebook, magazines, car commercials, kids’ school crafts, the neighbor’s yard decorations — whether we love it or hate it, we are surrounded by Halloween.

A Sweet Opportunity cover

As Christians, how should we talk to our children about Halloween?

Your little girl is horrified by a scary decoration hanging in your neighbor’s yard…

Your son mentions that vampires are cool…

Your daughter wants to now why people are so obsessed with death…

Your son wants to know why you celebrate Halloween differently than your neighbors…

How will you respond to these loaded questions and situations?

You can respond to them with the  Gospel!

A Sweet Opportunity: Seeing the Gospel in Halloween is an engaging Halloween Bible study designed to help you show your kids how the gospel relates to Trick or Treating, Costumes, Darkness, Fear, Evil, and Death. Discussion questions will help your children work through their own ideas of Halloween and challenge them to think a little deeper about what it all means. Encouraging Bible verses will remind your children that God is still in control and that Jesus has conquered darkness, fear, evil, and death.

You don’t have to avoid Halloween this year. You can openly talk to your kids about what the Bible has to say about Halloween. You can use Halloween to share the Gospel with your kids.

Are you ready to get started?

Still not sure if this Bible study is right for your family? Download the first lesson for free, and give it a try today!

Print [A Sweet Opportunity: Seeing the Gospel in Halloween Lesson One: Trick or Treat – Finding Our Satisfaction in the Lord]

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