February 6


Do You Really Believe that God Loves You?

By Anna Lowell

February 6, 2017

Do you know, I mean REALLY KNOW that God loves you?

Or, is there just a sliver of a doubt in your mind and heart?

Do you struggle with doubts about whether God really loves you? Are you believing one of these lies that will prevent you from accepting God's love?

When it comes to God’s love, there are times when I doubt, big time.

It is hard for me to believe that God really and truly sees me and loves me.

Because, I know who I am. I know the thoughts in my heart. I know my sins and my failures. I know my own selfishness and pride and anger. And I wonder, “How can God truly love me?”

And, because of these doubts, I can reject God’s love. Like Eve, I bend my ear to Satan’s lies and I forget God’s words.

But, do you know what? When I pull my doubts out of the dark places of my heart and into the daylight of God’s word, I find that my doubts are not only completely unfounded, they are firmly rooted in my own pride, idolatry, and unbelief.

I discover that I am believing lies – lies that are preventing me from truly experiencing and reveling in God’s love for me.

Here are the lies that are keeping me from fulling knowing God’s love:

Lie #1. I can’t believe that God could really LOVE ME. I mean, He’s so huge and powerful and everything. Why would He care about me?

Do you really believe that the Creator God, the God Who has existed since eternity past and will exist through eternity future is able to see you and know you and love you?

Because, He tells us that He does see us. He does know us. He has counted every star in every galaxy, yet He also knows how many hairs are on our heads. He knows every thought in our little minds. And, He loves us.

When we hear Satan whisper in our ears that God doesn’t really care about us, we have a choice: We can, in belief, cling to God’s promises that assure us of His love. Or, we can choose to disregard God’s words and doubt His love. The choice is ours.

Do you struggle with doubts about whether God really loves you? Are you believing one of these lies that will prevent you from accepting God's love?

Do you struggle with doubts about whether God really loves you? Are you believing one of these lies that will prevent you from accepting God's love?

God has told you in His Word that He loves you. Do you believe His Words?

Lie #2. I don’t believe that God can love me – my sin is too great.

Sometimes, thinking it is “humility”, I can focus on my sins and elevate them to a place that is higher than God’s forgiveness.

I idolize my sins and make them greater than God’s love and forgiveness, greater than Christ’s sacrifice in my place. I limit God’s power by thinking, “God can never forgive me for such-and-such a sin.”

Are we sinners? Yes, absolutely! Our sins have condemned us to hell. But God made a way of salvation for us through the death of His very Son on the cross in our place.

Now, God extends forgiveness to us when we come to Him, confess our sins to Him, and turn away from them.

We don’t need to wallow in guilt and shame anymore. God desires us to repent of our sins, then to accept His forgiveness and to revel in His love.

We need to cast away the guilt and shame, the regret and the fear, and to step out in faith and do the work that God has called us to do, for His honor and glory.

Do you struggle with doubts about whether God really loves you? Are you believing one of these lies that will prevent you from accepting God's love?

Do you struggle with doubts about whether God really loves you? Are you believing one of these lies that will prevent you from accepting God's love?

Are you allowing past sins to block out the light of God’s love in your life?

Lie #3. Life is really difficult right now. My heart is dark. I don’t feel like God really loves me. Maybe my feelings are right.

We all go through difficult times when God seems far away. This can be brought on by unrepented sin, health issues, external circumstances, exhaustion, or even a trial of faith.

During these dark times, our hearts struggle to believe God’s Word and we can start to elevate our own emotions and feelings above the promises of God’s words.

When we walk through these valleys, we must dig even deeper into God’s Word, meditating on His promises, asking Him to show us if there is unrepented sin in our hearts, and begging Him to increase our faith. We must not give in to unbelief and the idolatry of our feelings.

Do you struggle with doubts about whether God really loves you? Are you believing one of these lies that will prevent you from accepting God's love?

Are you believing your feelings over God’s promises?

Lie #4. I haven’t done anything to deserve God’s love yet. Maybe when I finish ______, then I will be able to truly rest in God’s love.

Sometimes I feel that I ought to wait until I do something really great for God, something that I can be proud of, before I fully accept and revel in God’s love.

In truth, this is nothing but pride.

Jesus Christ showed His love for us when we were dead in our sins.

Do you know how much dead people accomplish? Not a lot. Jesus Christ died in our place when we had absolutely nothing to offer Him in the way of usefulness.

So, why do I so often fall into this trap of thinking that I must now impress Him in order to remain in His love? There is nothing that I can bring before Him that will gain me favor with Him. The salvation work is finished.

If we truly love God, we will grow in Him. We will obey Him. But, we cannot increase His love for us. He already loves us fully.

Do you struggle with doubts about whether God really loves you? Are you believing one of these lies that will prevent you from accepting God's love?

Do you struggle with doubts about whether God really loves you? Are you believing one of these lies that will prevent you from accepting God's love?

Are you, in pride, still trying to impress God in order to gain His love?

Lie #5.  I struggle to rest in God’s love because I don’t feel like I deserve to be loved.

This lie is partially true. We don’t deserve to be loved by God. We do deserve to be punished forever in hell for our sins, in a place where there is no love, no goodness, no hope.

Thank God that He doesn’t love us because we deserve to be loved! Because, were that the case, none of us would be loved.

God doesn’t love us because of who we are. He loves us because of Who He is. That is the kind of love that we can rest in.

Do you struggle with doubts about whether God really loves you? Are you believing one of these lies that will prevent you from accepting God's love?

Do you believe that God loves you because of who you are or because of Who He is?

How about you?

Do you ever struggle with doubts about God’s love? Why? When you bring your doubts into the light of God’s word, what do you find? What lies are you believing that cause you to doubt God’s love? And, what promises from God’s Word can you claim today to battle these doubts?

If you are struggling with doubts about God’s love, print one of the verse pages below. They each include eight verses that will remind you of the truths of God’s love. Tape them to your mirror, above your desk, or on your refrigerator – and revel in God’s love for you today!

Print the [God’s Love Verses in ESV]

Print the [God’s Love Verses in NIV]

Print the [God’s Love Verses in KJV]

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  1. Thank you for this article. I have been saved since 1975 and still to this day frequently question God‘s love for me. Being raised Catholic and under strict parents and the youngest of six kids it always seemed we had to earn their love by being obedient etc. I was listening to the one year Bible commentary on Malachi and he mentioned that it is disrespectful to God to question his love. In fear I googled “is it disrespectful to question God‘s love?“ And came across this article which has blessed me greatly. My issue has been believing that he may have loved me initially but once I got saved and accepted his free gift of salvation and yet continue to feel as if I disappoint him with daily sinning (not to be confused with habitual unrepentant sin) that’s when I think he regrets saving me and I need to do something to redeem myself to prove my gratitude to him….live more sacrificially or have more quiet times,, memorize more scripture and die to self better to prove to Him I am trying to be as He calls us to be and not just get my free get out of hell ticket.

  2. It’s liked all of a sudden doubts started arising in my mind making me question God’s love for me ..one moment I truly believed He loves me the next I’m just filled with doubts….it’s frustrating coz I don’t want to doubt God at all

  3. as I’m growing up I will now read the bible on and on cuz every one inspired me too.
    I know all of you will achieve in life including me. Thank u for reading my comment on this ⚛Amazing⚛ website.
    Have a godly day

  4. I love this article you wrote. I am 74 and it is hard for me to accept God’s love.
    Probably because I have been hurt so much by trusting my parents as I grew up.
    There was abuse, and I did not feel safe. I was a depressed kid and have battled that most of my life. I try to imagine Jesus standing in front of me, offering me his love.
    All my life I now realize that the enemy has been lying to me loudly and I have believed that voice, which caused me so much damage. I know that I need renewal of my mind and just pray that I can somehow ACCEPT his love…and I also need to trust him, which has been difficult.

  5. Don’t worry. There’s Hope, Faith, Joy, Love, Peace, Mercy, and Gratitude, all Thanks to CHRIST EMMANUEL.

  6. What a graceful article! I had gone through all the lies…. but i came out from those lies nearly by the same verses you quoted from the Bible. “cling to God’s promises that assure us of His love” and “or even a trial of faith” are really golden words. I was suspecting whether i am going on the right path of faith or i have devised my own path of faith, but the article of yours confirmed me that i am really traveling on the right path. Thank Jesus for your kind confirmation. I googled ‘believing God’s Love is what Christianity’ by these words and found out this graceful article. Oh! i feel the truth that i’m blessed forever through Jesus.
    I thank Jesus once more! and forever….

  7. Sometimes I do doubt that God loves me. It’s a fear that I think a lot of people have of “maybe I’ve committed the unforgivable sin or maybe I’ve been away from God too long and he will never forgive me now.” I have confessed my sins to God and prayed for his forgiveness but unfortunately his love just never seems real to me. But I keep trying because I need his help.

    1. John, thank you so much for sharing your doubts and your struggles in this – because we do all struggle to know God’s love, especially at different times in our lives. And, yes, we all desperately need His help. Reading your comment, I immediately thought of John 14:21 – (Jesus speaking) “He who has My commandments and keeps them is the one who loves Me; and he who loves Me will be loved by My Father, and I will love him and will disclose Myself to him.” Again, in verse 23, “Jesus answered and said to him, ‘If anyone loves Me, he will keep My word; and My Father will love him, and We will come to him and make Our abode with him.'” I think that, when God feels far away, the best thing we can do is immerse ourselves in His Word, studying it, asking God for help to obey it, and letting go of the things that we would grasp and hold onto in place of God. May God bless you as you seek Him.

    2. True, once i thought too that God’s Love seems to be fake. I know it is what an ugliest sin to think like that. But i thought without any regrets, but Jesus never showed any anger on me for this. On the other hand He explained me the reason behind the thought. I was dictating God’s promises to fall within my time table and specified how it shall be. Is it wrong? of course not, a son asks his father in the same way i did and He is not an ordinary father but who sacrificed Him on the cross for me. So what went wrong, everything fake? No, when i dictated i did it not with faith but out of my desperation, it is not faith at all, but a cry, a desperate cry. My lovely Father lovingly corrected my cry into fruitful faith. Anything can be fake but not God’s Love… Amen. Then i regret for what i thought. Father replied “No issue my son, be cool, go ahead, i’m with you forever!”. Praise the Lord.

  8. Hi, My name is chance. I just wanted you to know that you actually helped me quite a bit. I appreciate the information very much and I actually felt like the information was directed at me. May God richly bless you!

    1. Chance, God speaks to us through His holy Word, the Bible. So, yes, the words in these verses were penned for you from a heavenly Father Who knows you and loves you! Isn’t our God amazing? May God bless you, too.

  9. Thank you for that posting on the Lord’s love, and our tendency to believe the lies we can start to believe if we are not careful. Many of the verses(promises) you placed in your posting are underlined in my bible. God provides us with every spiritual need(Ephesian 1:3-4). You are a good writer Anna Joy and to God’s glory, which is so important. Keep encouraging, and may the Lord bless your family as well. love, your sister in Christ, far in miles, but close in heart. Laurie Kenyon

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