June 22


Nibblin’ Monsters Bookmarks

By Anna Joy

June 22, 2015

Do you have a hard time finding your place in your book? Are you always short on good bookmarks? These adorable Nibblin’ Monsters Bookmarks are fun to make and fun to use! Try them today!

Monster Bookmark 15


White Cardstock
Solid-Colored Cardstock
Patterned Paper or Cardstock
Sharp Pencil
Nibblin’ Monsters Template [Click Here to Print]

Monster Bookmark 16


1. Using the Nibblin’ Monsters Template, cut the shapes out as directed.

Monster Bookmark 1

2. Take the largest shape and, using a sharp pencil and a ruler, score a fold line as indicated by the dotted “fold” lines on the pattern.

Monster Bookmark 2

3. Fold the shape, starting with the right side, then folding the left over it. Crease the paper at the fold lines.

Monster Bookmark 3

Monster Bookmark 4

4. Unfold the shape and glue the square into the center, as shown below.

Monster Bookmark 5

5. Apply a thin line of glue to the top of the jagged “teeth” shape. Carefully glue the teeth to the inside edge of the right flap as shown in the picture below.

Monster Bookmark 6

Monster Bookmark 7

6. Fold both flaps down, then glue the bottom of the left flap to the top of the right flap. Do NOT glue the right flap down to the colored square.

Monster Bookmark 8

Monster Bookmark 9

7. Glue the patterned triangle to the top of the monster.

Monster Bookmark 10

8. While the triangle glue is still wet, apply a small dab of glue to the bottom of each “antennae” and slide the bottoms between the colored paper and the solid paper.

Monster Bookmark 11

9. Finish by gluing the eyes into place.

Monster Bookmark 12

10. Let your monster dry completely, then have fun using him!

Monster Bookmark 13

This project was inspired by Tally’s Treasury blog. She has some other cool variations on these bookmarks. Check out her ideas here!

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  1. I love, love, LOVE every bit of these bookmarks! My daughter’s favorite book is called “Have You Seen My Monster”? She would get such a big kick out of making these with me. Thanks for the tip!

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