October 21


Old Testament Bible Bookmarks

By Anna Lowell

October 21, 2017

Do your kids ever get frustrated because they can’t find verses in the Bible?

Let’s face it: Finding verses in the Bible can be difficult, even for adults. (Anyone else struggle finding their way around the minor prophets?)

But, here’s a super simple, fun way to help your kids to find their way around the Old Testament – Old Testament Bible Bookmarks.

These Printable Old Testament Bible Bookmarks will help your kids remember the order of the books of the Bible and have more confidence as they look up a verse or passage.

These printable bookmarks include 8 different designs – four featuring girls and four featuring boys. They are available in full color or black and white outline for coloring.

Download the Old Testament Bible Bookmarks

Materials Needed for the Old Testament Bible Bookmarks:

  • Printable Old Testament Bookmarks
  • Scissors
  • Crayons, markers, or colored pencils, if desired
  • Extra cardstock, if desired
  • Glue, if desired
  • Tassel, if desired
  • Laminator or contact paper, if desired

Directions for the Old Testament Bible Bookmarks:

Print the bookmark pages. There are four bookmarks on each page.

Have your kids cut the bookmarks out along the outer edge.

If you printed the bookmarks in black and white, have your kids color them.

If desired, encourage your kids to paste the printable bookmarks onto a colored piece of cardstock. You could even add a tassel, if desired.

These bookmarks also make great gifts or awards, especially if printed on cardstock paper and laminated.

Download the Old Testament Bible Bookmarks

How about you? Will you be using these Bible bookmarks? If so, I would love to hear how you use them. Please scroll down to comment.

May God bless you!


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  1. I just retired after teaching in Christian schools for 36 years. My students were blessed by your ministry and beautiful resources. I am going to sign up again, but this time, using my personal email as I will continue to work with God’s children as He directs me in to a new adventure. Many blessings in your continued endeavors and as you experience the joys of a Christian classroom.

  2. Hi Anna, Mostly I use your resources for my Sunday school and the children in our church. Thanks so much for providing them! I signed up for the newsletter, but I think I am already getting it! Hope it’s not a duplication for you.

  3. Anna, your resources are wonderful for our Children’s Ministry! Is there any chance that you can put the NT/OT books of the Bible book markers in the same file so they can be printed back to back and line up for a single book marker?

    1. Lynette, I absolutely love that idea! Unfortunately, I have tried to do this in the past and it has not worked. The problem is that home and small business printers are not accurate enough with the margins and the paper feed to allow the bookmarks to come out perfectly on top of each other, front and back. So, even if the PDF is perfect, the bookmarks will often come out of the printer off by a millimeter or more. I did front and back for the kids in my Sunday School class by having them cut out the bookmarks, then glue the NT books on one side of a pre-cut rectangle of cardstock and the OT books on the other side of the same cardstock. Then, I laminated the bookmarks for them. I hope this helps!

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