December 16


Printable Christmas Bookmarks

By Anna Joy

December 16, 2017

If you are a teacher, a busy mom, or a grandma who has little guests coming for Christmas, you are busy this Christmas. Yet,  you don’t get a pass on finding ways to entertain your kids.

That is why, during this season especially, you need quick-prep, easy, and fun ideas to keep your kids or students busy.

Do you need an easy-prep, quick, and fun Christmas craft? Try these printable Christmas bookmarks with Bible verses - perfect for home or classroom use.

These printable Christmas bookmarks deliver exactly that!

How to Use the Printable Christmas Bookmarks

The bookmarks come in four different designs per page, and in three different Bible translations – ESV, NIV, and KJV.  Print the page and cut out the bookmarks.

If you are looking for a craft, print the bookmarks in black and white and encourage your kids to cut and color them themselves. The black and white bookmarks have a horizontal orientation to make the images bigger and easier to color.

These bookmarks also make adorable gifts for little ones to make for parents or siblings. Have them on hand for your kids to work on on Christmas Day, or mail them to extended family that you won’t get to see this Christmas.

Do you need an easy-prep, quick, and fun Christmas craft? Try these printable Christmas bookmarks with Bible verses - perfect for home or classroom use.

If you would like to make these bookmarks extra special, consider laminating them or covering them with contact paper.

Do you need an easy-prep, quick, and fun Christmas craft? Try these printable Christmas bookmarks with Bible verses - perfect for home or classroom use.

I hope that you love these bookmarks. More than that, I hope that these bookmarks will remind you and your kids of the true meaning of Christmas this year.

We serve such an amazing God! He sent Jesus to this sin-cursed world to live among us. Jesus lived the perfect life that we could never live.

Then, He offered up His own life in payment for the sins that you and I have committed, that we might have peace, a relationship with God, and hope for an eternity in heaven.

What a wondrous story to ponder this Christmas season!

Now it’s your turn. Will you use these Christmas bookmarks? If you do, I would love to hear about it. Please scroll down to comment.

Merry Christmas!

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  1. cannot download the bookmarks. Please advise. I need them today to make and laminate for the children as we close school in Zimbabwe. Thank you. Mrs. Christiansen

  2. I do not see a way to signup and download the bookmarks. Can you please help me with how to download and print them? Thank you so much!

    1. Alisa, there should be a sign up box – when you sign up, they will be sent straight to your email inbox. The sign up box is a bit slow to show up sometimes, though. I hope this helps!

      1. Hi there! I have been trying to find the box that pops up or a way to download the bookmarks. Is there a way I can get a copy of these? Thank you for your gracious heart!

    1. Lori, Yes! If you click the download button and scroll down, the second page is black and white. The orientation also changes to make the images a little larger so they are easier to color. May God bless you! – Anna Joy

    1. Thank you so much for contacting me, Martha. Unfortunately, these printables are not licensed for resale. But, perhaps you could give them away but have a donation box for those who would like to donate? Or attach them to a bag of cookies or something so that they are not the principle thing being sold? May God bless you as you endeavor to bless others this Christmas! – Anna Joy

  3. Love these wheels and just arrived as I was planning to teach my older children in my class the books of the Bible.
    Thank you




  5. Anna Joy,

    So glad to hear you are feeling better! What a blessing it is to have a person who is willing to share her love of God through activities for children. I love the bookmarks!

    Thank you and God Bless.

  6. We are doing an outreach to the kids in our church neighborhood and I would love to give these as gifts to the approximately 50 children living there, Thank you so much for these adorable bookmarks Anna! ?

  7. I am so thankful to have found your website and love the Finger Prints – all the scripture – Wonderful. I love the book marks too and would like the vertical type if available please.

    1. Sure, Felicity. If you sign up, you will receive the link for the bookmarks in your email in box. Even if you have already signed up, you can sign up for any other free printables that you want and you will never receive duplicate emails from me – just which ever printables that you signed up for. May God bless you! – Anna Joy

  8. Oh I love these! God bless you for taking the time and effort to make these, they will be one more wonderful thing to help guide the children <3

  9. I have last week tried to get these bookmarks, but they never arrived. I checked spam, but they were not there also. So I have today tried again. They look lovely and am looking forward to using them at sunday school.

  10. I’m a little too late to use these this year as next week the children are presenting their Nativity play to the Church congregation but they will be top of my list for next year.

  11. Dear Anna, I thank God for your ministry. We who long to share the Gospel with the little ones in our life and do not always have the resources available. I thank you and ask God to richly bless you.

  12. Thank you for these wonderful free printables to help me guide my preschool class and my 5 yr. son towards what Christmas is really, truly all about! God bless you and your family!

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