September 14


Spelling Practice Printable

By Anna Lowell

September 14, 2015

With twins in fourth grade and my son in second grade, I often feel like we are drowning in spelling word practice.

My kids hate writing spelling words over and over on lined paper (and I can’t really blame them!) Somehow, dry erase boards make spelling practice a lot more fun.

These spelling boards combine the fun of dry erase markers with Scrabble letters and a mini-challenge at the end to help make spelling practice enjoyable.

Spelling 4


11 X 14 inch Picture frame with glass front
Cardstock or Scrapbook paper
Gluestick or other adhesive
Scrabble Letters from Scrabble Game
Dry Erase Marker and Eraser
“This Word Needs Practice” Printable (Choose one of two different versions below)

Spelling 1


1. Print the Printable. If you, like me, are way behind the times and don’t have a color printer and (unlike me) can’t run down to your local library to make color copies, then you may want to use the boring black and white version. Otherwise, print the super cute colored version.

Spelling Practice Sheet 2

Print the [Spelling Practice Printable Mountain Animals, Full Color]

This Word Needs Practice!-page-001

Print the [Spelling Practice Printable, Black and White]

2. Cut and tape or glue your cardstock or scrap paper into a rectangle large enough to fit your frame. Once it is cut, mount the printable onto your paper using a glue stick or tape or whatever adhesive you prefer.

Spelling 2

3. Place your paper into the frame.

Spelling 5

4. Use dry erase markers and Scrabble letters to start practicing spelling words! The dry erase markers wipe off the glass just as easily as they wipe off a regular dry erase board.

Graphics from Educlips Store

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