February 10


Spring Sermon Notes Page

By Anna Joy

February 10, 2022

Free Sermon Notes Pages for Kids

Spring Sermon Notes Page for Kids: How can you help kids feel welcome in an adult service?

Let’s face it: It’s hard for kids to pay attention in a service geared towards adults.

You want to welcome families and children into the adult worship service at your church.

You want the kids to feel included in the service.

But, you also need the kids to be relatively quiet. (You know the visiting family that shows up with the bin full of loud, clanking plastic toys, super noisy snacks, and the child who asks in a stage whisper when the service will be done every 3 minutes. You know who I’m talking about… And, quite frankly, I’ve been that mom, too!)

Spring Sermon Notes Page for Kids

Sermon Notes are a great way to welcome kids into your adult service. They also offer parents a simple solution to help them keep their kids quietly occupied and engaged.

This Spring Sermon Notes Page prints double sided. On the first page, there is a simple “Today I” checklist designed to help your kids prepare their hearts for worship. (I also love to throw in random and funny things – Are you wearing matching socks?)

It also includes a “This Week” section to be completed later. This section has simple questions to help your kids review what they heard in the sermon later in the week.

The back of the page includes a place for your kids to write the sermon notes. They can also write down the main characters in the the sermon. Finally, your kids can write down two things that they learned in the sermon.

Your child can also write down a couple of questions or things they may not have understood from the sermon.

Finally, a word bank gives the kids words to listen for in the sermon.

Ushers can hand this spring sermon notes page to children as they go into the auditorium. Teachers can give it to children after the Sunday School class. Greeters can give it to families as they come through the church welcome center.

When you give these sermon notes pages to a visiting family, you are saying, “We welcome your family into our service. We care about you and your kids!”

Sign up in the box below to get your FREE copy of the Spring Sermon Notes Page. Make as many copies of this page as you would like for your immediate family, classroom, club, or church use. You may not distribute the pages outside of your immediate family, classroom, club, or church.

Help your kids feel welcome in the adult church service with this fun printable spring sermon notes page - perfect to keep kids quietly engaged and actively participating!

I hope you love these Spring Sermon Notes Pages! Please comment below if you use them and let me know what you and your kids think of them. I would love to hear from you!

May God bless you!

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