Need a holiday? We want to give you a break.

These printables will give you simple ideas to celebrate holidays with your students with minimal preparation on your part.

"Love Is" Finger Puzzles

Teach your students the Biblical meaning of love with these Finger Puzzles

God's Love Activity Notebook

Help your students learn more about God's love for them with these activity pages

God's Love Corner Bookmarks

Help your students make these Valentine bookmarks - perfect to give away!

Bible Verse Love Notes

Print these love notes for your kids to color or hide them around your classroom

Easter Bible Verse Cards

Hide these fun cards around your classroom or have your students cut and color them

Easter Activity Pages

How much do your students know about the Easter story? Find out with these pages.

Easter Finger Puzzle

Your students will love folding, coloring, and playing with these Easter Finger Puzzles

Easter Verse Puzzles

Challenge your kids to put these verse puzzles together - or have them cut their own

Mother's Day Mini Book

Help your kids tell their moms how much they love them with these mini books 

Mother's Day Bookmarks

Your students will love giving these beautiful verse bookmarks to their moms

Mother's Day Cards

Even your youngest students will love coloring and giving this sweet card to their moms

Mothers of the Bible

Can your kids match these Bible mothers with their kids? Comes in 3 levels!

Share the Gospel with a Salvation Finger Puzzle

Join over 30,000 other parents and teachers and get the FREE Salvation Finger Puzzle Printable, PLUS the weekly newsletter with more printables and ideas to help you share the gospel with your kids.

These finger puzzles are perfect to help my kids memorize Bible verses about salvation, or to hand out as gifts at church. Salvation Verses Finger Puzzle | Path Through the Narrow Gate

Father's Day Card

Even your youngest students will love coloring and giving these cards to their dads

Father's Day Activity Pages

How much do your students know about these famous fathers in the Bible?

Father's Day Mini Book

Help your students tell their dads how much they love them with these fun mini books

Help your kids celebrate their father with these FREE printable Father's Day Bookmarks featuring Bible verses - sure to become a keepsake!

Father's Day Bookmarks

Even older kids will enjoy making these bookmarks for their dads 

Verse Trick or Treat Tags

Help your students cut out these colorful trick or treat tags, including Bible verses and prayers

Halloween Bible Study

Biblical discussions about trick or treating, costumes, darkness, fear, evil, and death - perfect for a devotional

Fall Gift Tags

These printable fall gift tags are perfect for class goody bags, Awana gifts, or trick or treat treats.

Fall Gift Tags

Here are 6 talking points to help your students discover how the Gospel intersects with Halloween

Thanksgiving Finger Puzzle

Encourage your kids to express their gratitude this Thanksgiving with these fun finger puzzles

Thanksgiving Place Cards

Help your students cut and color these Thanksgiving place holders with Bible verses and lines 

Encourage your kids to give thanks to God this Thanksgiving - with this friendly Thankful Turkey craft. This turkey is easy to make and fun to play with.

Thankful Turkey Craft

Here's a friendly turkey who wants to help your kids express their thankfulness to God for His good gifts.

Thankful Leaves Craft

Not only are these 3-D "thankful" leaves super cute, they're really easy to make, too! Perfect for a class project!

Christmas Notebook Activity

Celebrate the story of Christmas with your students with Christmas Notebook Activity Pages

Nativity Bookmarks

Help your kids mark the Christmas passages in their Bibles with these Christmas bookmarks

Christmas Finger Puzzles

Your students will love making and playing with these Christmas finger puzzles - available in color or black and white

Names of Jesus Ornaments

Study the names of Jesus with your students as you make these Christmas ornaments - great for older kids!

Paper Nativity Scene 

Fun to make and play with - this printable paper Nativity scene is perfect for little ones!

Christmas Color Pages

Extra coloring pages are always perfect to have on hand for extra time

Infinity Folded Nativity Puzzle

This folded puzzle has 4 different scenes and goes on and on - fun to make and play with!

The Life of Jesus Activity Pages

Need a last minute Sunday School supplement or fun activities to fill time in a classroom? Featuring secret codes, word searches, crossword puzzles, mazes, and more, the Life of Jesus Activity Pack will help your kids have fun while they learn truths from God's Word. 

Sermon Notes Pages

Encourage your students to listen and interact with sermons at your church with these fun printable Sermon Notes Pages - perfect to hand out before the service or as a Sunday School challenge.