June 15


The Hole in Our Holiness

By Anna Lowell

June 15, 2015

Are you taking your growth in holiness seriously?

Is holiness a characteristic that Christians should even be pursuing?

In recent past generations, the concept of holiness was characterized by adherence to certain legalistic “Do’s” and “Don’ts” – “Don’t dance, don’t go to movie theaters, don’t drink alcoholic beverages, do go to church every Sunday…” and you will be OK with God.

Hole in Our Holiness FB

The modern American church has kicked back against this legalistic approach by proclaiming that Christians have “liberties” and that no Christian should judge another Christian for his or her lifestyle choices. The pursuit of holiness is now downplayed in many churches if not condemned as not “politically correct”.

In the book The Hole in Our Holiness, Kevin DeYoung refutes both positions by taking us straight back to the Bible to see what God says about holiness.

Kevin DeYoung uses God’s Word to show us:

What holiness really looks like
•Why a lack of growth in holiness may be an indication that we are not truly saved
•Why growth in holiness is one of the reasons that God saves us
•Why holiness is obedience to God
•Why we should long to grow in holiness
•How some of the cultural ideas that many churches have embraced, and which sound good on the surface, do not stand up to Scriptural scrutiny
•What part the Holy Spirit plays in our growth in holiness
•How the concept of holiness should change our views of sexual purity
•What progress in holiness should look like.

Kevin DeYoung not only approaches the topic of holiness with wisdom and compassion, but also with a strong foundation of Biblical truth. The Hole in Our Holiness is peppered with pithy statements, memorable quotes, and Bible passages that will challenge and change the way you think about holiness.

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