December 19


Christmas Finger Puzzle

By Anna Joy

December 19, 2016

Yesterday, I told my Sunday School class that we were going to make “Christmas Finger Puzzles” for our craft.

They took one look at my finished example and told me that I was making was a “cootie catcher”.

Adorable printable Christmas finger puzzle with Bible verses - These are perfect for home use or Sunday School!

No matter how often I tried to correct them, they insisted that these were “cootie catchers”. Apparently, in other places these little origami projects are also called “fortune tellers.”

Apart from the names, this is a really fun little Christmas project to work on.

Click Here to Get Your Copy!

These Christmas Finger Puzzles feature words to spell on the outside, numbered Christmas pictures on the next layer, Christmas related questions to answer, and Christmas Bible verses on the inside.  These Finger Puzzles come in both full color and black and white versions (so kids can color their own!). They are also available in CSB, ESV, KJV, NASB, NIV, and NKJV.

To play, have your child insert their thumb and index finger from each hand into the flaps in the back.

Open and close the finger puzzle in different directions as you spell one of the words from the outer layer. Then, pick a picture from the inside.

Open and close the finger puzzle the number of times indicated on the picture you chose.

Choose one more image. Open that flap and choose a number from one to four.

Read the verse or question from the chosen number.

Adorable printable Christmas finger puzzle with Bible verses - These are perfect for home use or Sunday School!
Click Here to Get Your Copy!

Have a very Merry Christmas!


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  1. Hello, this is an increíble way ti teach children. Do you have a free downloadable versión? Id love to be able to share it with my students before classes and. Thank you!

  2. Me encanta
    Seria tan amable de regalarme una copia en español latino porfavor si es de su agrado
    Muchas gracias ?

  3. I signed up in the box on the right sidebar. It says I will receive a New Testament mini pack, however, it doesn't mention the Christmas download. I haven't received anything yet. Did I sign up in the correct place?

  4. I love this! Thank you for sharing! Unfortunately, I am not finding the area to access this activity, only to leave a comment. Could you please email this to me?

    1. Suzzy, thank you for contacting me! There should be a sign up box above that you can use and the finger puzzles will be sent to your email inbox. I am wondering if it is loading super slowly? Please let me know if you still don’t see it. May God bless you! – Anna Joy

  5. Love this craft idea! I’m Italiano and we’ll definitely di this craft with the cathechism group. Thanks for sharing

  6. I have been making these by hand for Memory verses in my Sabbath School class. The kids really enjoy doing them. But this Christmas finger puzzle is very nice!! Thank you for offering it!!

  7. Thank you for the help! Your coloring pages and craft are exactly what I needed!
    Very well done and your website is great!

  8. Is there anyway that I can get a copy of the Christmas finger puzzle without color?
    I would like the students to color the pictures themselves.

  9. Thank you for the free download of the Christmas catcher about JESUS that you have created. I love it! I’m using it in my counseling practice for kids and at my school where I do social groups with K-5 kids. It’s a perfect activity with a great message.


  10. These delighted my kiddo & my niece!! Next year I will print off enough for my kiddo to give out to her entire class. Thank you so very much!! I will also be using these in our upper elementary kids program at church. You have already been a blessing to us! The different versions was a lifesaver – thank you for the added bit of work. It’s greatly appreciated!

  11. I can’t find the Christmas version. I signed up for the 5 free downloads but can’t find the Christmas one. These are really amazing and I think our students would really enjoy them.

  12. I figured out what I was doing wrong, all were included. Sorry for my confusion. Thank you for sharing your wonderful work, the resources are fun and exciting!

  13. The link for the Christmas Finger puzzle keeps going to the Easter puzzle, is there another link, or updated one? Looking forward to using the puzzle!

      1. No,
        Roxana is right. When the link comes to the email it is many variations of the same puzzle: black and white, colour and other bible translations. It is not the Nativity Christmas one. Maybe you can change it so that we could get the Christmas one :-).Looking forward to it. Thank you.

        1. Marg, when you choose which color / Bible version and click on the button, you will download a six page file with five pages of finger puzzles (different seasons) and an instruction page. I hope that helps. May God bless you! -Anna Joy

  14. Hello Anna Joy,

    I just requested the finger puzzles in particular the Christmas, please. It will be awesome, the puzzle look awesome. Thank you.

  15. Thank you so much.
    They’re really beautiful, now i just need to translate to portuguese to give to my childrens.
    God bless you.

  16. Hi Anna,
    This is going to bring so many smiles on our students little faces. Their going to have fun learning with this puzzle.

    God bless you, and thank you for sharing.


  17. The finger puzzles look wonderful. Kids love the questions and answers. I can’t wait to get them and use them in my K-3 class at church. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  18. If I may have the Christmas finger puzzel would be great for our Christmas out reach party for children .


  19. I love this idea, but now I am teaching Norwegian speaking kids at the International Baptist Churchc near Oslo. Would it be possible for you to send me the template in its original form so I could translate it into Norwegian?
    Thankful and grateful.
    Moira E. Eidahl

  20. Beautiful craft! At least the child didn’t say, as they have for me when I made a similar one, ‘we made fortune tellers!’.

  21. Thank You so much for the Christmas finger puppet. I couldn’t wait to share your sweet site with my daughter & grandkids . Your kindness is an inspiration . . . and a Blessing . Merry Christmas !

  22. Hey, thanks so much for the instant access to this Christmas Puzzle. Last week, our new Pastor’s twin boys (Grade 2) were making some sort of Origami Paper Box for my husband (we both teach Children’s Church Hour for Grades 1 to 5 – – -a broader range of ability levels, I know, but we manage), and I am sure that they will be excited with this activity. (I had been trying to think of a good “filler” project for tomorrow, and I don’t have time to run to the craft store to get supplies for many of the projects that I normally do at this time of year.) I printed it out in its “full size,” which still fit the 8 ½ by 11” paper. I made both color copies and the BW (for those who wish to color their own) – I imagine that the kids will already know how to do the folding!

    OH, I do remember making these foldable finger puzzles when I was a child – ahem. ..over 35 years ago! And, you are correct . . .they were called “fortune tellers,” etc. Anyway, they are still very popular with kids, today, and we will make sure that we call them “Finger Puzzles,” not “Cootie Catchers” or “Fortune Tellers!” (Keep the parents happy, especially the Pastor’s kids! LOL!!) Thanks, again! You have a wonderful site, which I shall visit, often! Blessing to you!

  23. Your Christmas Finger Puzzle Printable were adorable.

    I had no problem downloading the puzzle or the instructions on folding. However, I need the instructions on how to use them.

    It has been a few years since I worked them in school. (Not saying how many years.) I remember moving the number of times listed.
    How do you move them from the 4 squares with pictures to the 8 triangles with pictures and numbers to the 8 triangles with questions to the 8 triangles with verses?
    Is there a follow-thru to answer the question or is it all random? Could you give me an example? I am making it out to be more complicated than it is. I don’t know how to get to the answer from the question. My husband could not figure it out either. I want to have it down pat before I introduce it to my 1st – 3rd grade class.
    Thank you.

    1. Sure, Rachel. So, if Child A is holding the puzzle, Child B chooses one of the four images on the top of the puzzle. Child A opens and closes the puzzle back and forth as he spells out the word under the chosen image. At the last letter, he holds the puzzle open. Child B then chooses one of the eight images from the interior of the puzzle. Child A opens and closes the puzzle the number of times indicated by the number under the chosen image. On the last number, he holds the puzzle open again. Child B chooses another of the eight images from the interior of the puzzle. Child A opens the flap that includes the chosen image. Child B chooses a number from 1 to 4. Child A reads the verse or question from the chosen number. I hope this helps!

  24. I would love to be able to print out and make these with my sunday school kids.
    Thank you. They look fun, interesting and conversation provoking x

  25. Hi Anna! This is AMAZING! I can’t wait to use these for our small group time this December! About how long will it take for the email download to arrive? Just planning ahead. Thanks SO much! 🙂

  26. Fabulous idea! I cannot get my 4th grade RE class to stop folding papers, so giving them this to fold and play with at our class party is perfect!

  27. Looks like a great craft. I’m looking for a grade 3/4 printable mini nativity book to place in a package with hot chocolate mix for the class to assemble and give away. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Elsa

  28. I would love to print your Christmas finger puzzle for my kids. I couldn’t find the link to do so. Would it be possible for you to send it to me in the ESV?

  29. Thank you! It’s delightful! My students visit residents at the nursing home across the street. We will take these for all to enjoy!

    1. Ines, me gustaría ofrecer estos en español, pero no tengo el tiempo o los recursos para hacerlo en este momento. Si Dios quiere, algún día podré traducirlos. ¡Que Dios te bendiga!

  30. Wow, this Is one of my favorite things I have seen this season!
    My history with printables is that I love them, but the kids don’t really want to sit down and do them.
    I know they will love these, since they create their own versions all the time! No pencil, no writing, and yet they are learning just the same!

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