November 4


Thankful Dry Erase Craft

By Anna Joy

November 4, 2015

Would you like a beautiful reminder to be thankful each day? This super-simple thankful dry erase craft project featuring Psalm 92:1 produces a lovely, displayable picture that you can write on again and again. It is not only a great reminder to “count your blessings”, but also a great way to encourage your children to express their gratitude as well.

Thankful dry erase 3

Materials for the Thankful Dry Erase Craft:

Glass Fronted Picture Frame with 8X10 opening.
Scissors and Pencil
Dry Erase Marker
“Today I am Thankful For” Printable (Scroll down to See Options for the Printables)

Directions for the Thankful Dry Erase Craft:

Open up your picture frame and carefully remove the glass. Center the glass onto the image and trace around the glass. Cut on the traced line so that your printable will fit into your picture frame.

Thankful dry erase 1

Replace the glass in the frame. Insert the printable and put the frame back together.

You are done! Once finished, you can write on the front of the glass with a dry erase marker each day.

This project is an excellent way to remind yourself and your family to be thankful each and every day.

THankful dry erase 4

Thankful dry erase 2 B

To print any of these backgrounds, click on the image.
Thankful dry erase printable 1Thankful dry erase printable 2 Thankful dry erase printable 3 Thankful dry erase printable 4 Thankful dry erase printable 5 Thankful dry erase printable 6

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