September 15


“Fear Not” Fall Bible Reading Plan for Kids

By Anna Joy

September 15, 2022

Do your kids struggle with fears and anxiety? Help them discover the hope, comfort, joy, and peace that they can have in God with this “Fear Not” Bible Verses Bible Reading Plan – written for specifically for kids!

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Are your kids struggling with fear, worry, or anxiety? Help them learn that they can put their trust and confidence in God!

The FREE “Fear Not” Bible reading plan, designed specifically for kids, is packed with uplifting Bible verses and stories to help children overcome their fears and grow in their faith.

This Bible reading plan will not only help your kids develop a habit of daily Bible reading, it will also make your life so much easier! You don’t have to skip Bible reading with your kids because you don’t know where to read or you are running short on time. This Bible reading plan includes short Bible passages that you and your kids can read in just a few minutes, making it perfect for busy families and teachers.

Together, let’s help our children conquer their fears as they discover the hope, comfort, joy and peace that comes from knowing that God loves them and is always by their side.

In this “Fear Not” Fall Bible Reading Plan, your kids will read Bible passages that will help them:

  • See that the psalmist, David, also experienced fear but turned to God in prayer and God answered his prayers
  • Learn that they can go to bed and sleep without being afraid – because God never sleeps and is watching over them
  • Discover that God is always with them – no matter where they go
  • Know that God is in control of all things, even the difficult times, and He has a plan for all things
  • Find confidence in God’s love for them

Are looking for a simple way to help your kids read the Bible each day? This Fear Not Bible Verses Reading Plan is exactly what you are looking for! You don’t have to wonder what verses to read or where to go next. The work is done for you. Now you can spend time savoring God’s Word with your kids instead of trying to figure out what to read each day.

How to Use the Fear Not Bible Verses Bible Reading Plan

This Bible reading plan is perfect for daily reading through any 31 day month. You can also read it on your own schedule by coloring in the leaves by the passage prompts as you go – you choose!

You can use this plan to encourage your kids to read the Bible on their own or as a read-aloud plan for your family or classroom. You can also use this Bible plan in a homeschool setting, or for class devotion time at a Christian school.

To get your FREE copy, sign up below. The Bible reading plan will be sent straight to your email inbox – It’s that easy!

If you do use this Bible reading plan, I would love to hear how it goes! Please scroll down to comment.

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May God bless you!

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  1. Please send me the link for the Fear Not Bible Reading Plan. Would love to share with the Elementary Kids in our Ministry.
    Thanks for what you do!

    1. Kay Lynn, thank you so much for being here! Were you able to sign up in the email box above? The link will be sent straight to your email. If you already receive emails from me, you can still sign up for as many freebies as you want – you will never get duplicate emails. If you are having trouble getting the freebie, please let me know. May God bless you! – Anna Joy

  2. Hello Anna I would like the Fear not Bible reading plan, I love the way that for each day there is a scripture to read to my kids in the morning so it can be with them the rest of the day.
    Thank you.

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